Vote for a Neighborhood Greenway along 6th Ave NW by Sept 30

You have an opportunity to VOTE YES for a neighborhood greenway along 6th Ave NW. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then check out this video put together by the 6th Ave NW Greenway group or travel along NW 58th or 17th Ave NW to experience one yourself. Vote via Your Voice, Your Choice under District 6, Project 19-312 by Sept 30. Take a look at the other projects while you’re in there (you can vote for up to 3 per district). For additional East Ballard projects check out the crossing improvement at 15th Ave NW and NW 62nd and another one at 14th Ave NW and NW 56th as well.

If you’d like to learn more about the 6th Ave NW Greenway and/or get involved with their very active community group, check our their Facebook Page.

Click on the image to Vote today!

Upcoming safety improvements to intersections along 14th Ave NW

During our daily walks along 14th Ave NW, we’ve become curious about the white painted lines that have appeared in the intersection along 14th Ave NW north and south of Market. Our curiosity led us to contacting SDOT to find out what’s going on. We received a very prompt and helpful response from SDOT civil engineer, Oli Frenchowicz. Here’s what he had to say.

The project to install markings along 14th Ave NW in Ballard is scheduled for September (weather permitting). Our crews have quite a big backlog of street marking work due to the slow summer season start and large number of projects.
A contractor is scheduled in September to start the yellow line markings, and our SDOT crews will complete other marking work soon after.
The goal of the 14th Ave NW project was to better organize the vehicles at the intersections for improved operations, formalize the pedestrian crossing spaces, and improve visibility for pedestrians, vehicles, and cyclists operating along the corridor.
You may have noticed some sign work was already completed as part of this project. The parking restriction signs formalized existing parking restrictions per Seattle Municipal Code. Additionally, we designed to accommodate larger vehicle turning movements at the intersections. The parking restrictions will help larger vehicles (delivery trucks, fire trucks, garbage trucks, etc.) make the turns once the markings formalize the driving paths.

In addition, we asked Oli if they could paint a crosswalk going north/south across NW 59th on the west side of 14th at the south end of Gemenskap Park, which seems to have been left out of the original design. He advised that they would add this to their their project for consistency near the park.

Pics from August Night Out

Click here to see the full album:

Thanks to all the neighbors and pets who came out last Tuesday to spend a beautiful evening in Gemenskap park to socialize, play games and share lots of food and drink! By the way, if you’re missing a wooden spoon, we have it, just email us at We hope you made some new friends, scheduled a play date or two and discovered what great things we can do together within a small patch of shared grass in the neighborhood.


We heard some great ideas around regular play afternoons in the park, walking dogs together, more events like last year’s Fall Festival and more. If you have an idea and want to run with it, reach out to us and we’ll help connect you with resources and spread the word!

Gemenskap Park work party success!

It was a nice cool morning with a light rain overnight, so the soil was nice and soft for pulling weeds in the Gemenskap Park rain gardens this morning. Thank-you to Jody from Seattle Parks who provided us with tarps, tools and cones to get us started. Thanks to neighbors, Linda, Mary Pat, Veronica, Stevie, Casey, Erin, and John who volunteered a couple hours of their time this morning to make a difference in the park. By noon, we had successfully filled the bed of Jody’s truck! The park is looking great for our Aug 6 Potluck! check out more pics here.

Join us Saturday July 27 for a Work Party at Gemenskap Park


The park is looking lovely, but the weeds in the rain gardens are getting out of control. Join your neighbors at Gemenskap Park on Saturday, July 27, between 10AM and 12PM and help us get the gardens looking pretty again. We’re also seeking neighbors who’d like to organize the next work party. Reach out to us at or talk with us on Saturday if you’re interested!

King County launches new mobile app to fight noxious weeds

A big thank you goes out to our vigilant neighbor and resident Master Gardener, Peggy Cooper, who identified poison hemlock (a noxious weed) growing in the rain gardens at Gemenskap Park. She posted the information on NextDoor and it was picked up by KIRO-TV. They came out to interview her and brought along folks from the King County noxious weed control program as an opportunity to spread the word on a recently launched noxious weed mobile app, called “King County Connect“, that allows users to report potentially noxious weeds. See the full KIRO interview here.

King County successfully removed the the poison hemlock plants, but we have not confirmed how they found their way into the rain gardens. Peggy believes that seeds may have been introduced in the potting soil of some of the shrubs planted in the rain gardens. We have informed Seattle parks, and they will be contacting the contractor who installed the landscaping.

According to the King County website, “poison hemlock is a Class B noxious weed, is a widespread toxic biennial plant in the Carrot Family often found in open sunny areas, fields, vacant lots, and on roadsides. Eating even a small amount of any part of this plant can kill people, livestock, and wildlife.

Although all of the poison hemlock plants have been removed, we ask that you be vigilant, like Peggy, and use the “King County Connect” app to report any new growth (or email us at and we’ll report for you).