East Ballard Crime Prevention Resources


Many thanks to Mary Amberg (SPD Crime Prevention Coordinator), Colleen Hackett (Seattle Parks Division Crew Chief) and Thomas Whittemore (Dept of Neighborhoods Community Engagement Coordinator) for spending the evening with us at St. Alphonsus Family Center to inform us on how we can keep Gemenskap park and our surrounding neighborhood safe and vibrant. if you missed the meeting, or just want a reference for all the great info we learned, here you go!

Call 911 every time you see anything suspicious (e.g. potential lurkers outside your neighbor’s house, car prowling, strange people or behavior), even if you aren’t sure what to make of it!
  • According to Crime Prevention Coordinator Mary Amberg, the lines are staffed for this purpose. It is up to the operator, not the caller to determine whether a situation is an emergency or not. Your role as a citizen is simply to help SPD know what’s going on in our neighborhood. SPD’s strategy for our neighborhood is data-driven, and data points such as our reports and phone calls are required in order for more comprehensive action to be taken.
  • If you’d like an officer to contact you, just tell the operator and they will.
  • Don’t call the non-emergency line unless the crime is well in the past.

If you’re aware of chronic problems (e.g. long-term unauthorized parking, vacant houses attracting unwanted activity, camping in the park, etc.), alert Community Police Team Officer Mike Cruzan (206-233-3733) if west of 14th Ave NW, Joseph Bender  (206-233-3984) if east of 14th. Contact both if on 14th.

Call the Ballard High School security officer at 206-252-1000 to address concerns specific to BHS student activity.

Leverage the Find It, Fix It app on your smartphone for the fastest action on the following issues and more (many of our neighbors can attest to this service working well!): 
  • Abandoned Vehicle: report vehicles parked in a public right of way more than three days.
  • Graffiti Report: report graffiti so it gets automatically routed to the appropriate department for response.
  • Needles
  • Illegal Dumping: report illegal dumping — junk, garbage or debris — on public property, including roadsides, open streets and paved alleys.
  • Parking Enforcement: make an inquiry regarding a parking concern.
  • Homeless Encampments: (select ‘Other’ inquiry and title it ‘encampment’
  • Tall shrubs/weeds in street medians: Select ‘Other’ inquiry and title it ‘street landscaping impeding sight lines’.

Online Crime Reporting (only crimes that have no suspects, are not in progress, and do not involve injury can be reported this way, e.g. car prowls, signs of narcotic activity and other small crimes)
Property or Building Complaint
Narcotics Activity
Tweet By Beat
Police Blotter
Police Reports

Crime statistics and reports by neighborhood. East Ballard is in the north precinct and our micro policing neighborhood is Ballard South.

  • Most burglaries occur between 8AM and 5PM. Always answer a door when you’re home, but don’t open the door. Most burglars enter empty homes. If you don’t answer, then they think no one is home and will attempt to break in. If person is aggressive after you respond, call 911 and report facial features and shoes (clothes change, but people usually wear the same shoes every day).
  • Invest in strong doors with minimal glass (or apply security film), strong deadbolt and 3-4 inch kick plate screws.
  • Lock up propane tanks (can be used to break windows) and ladders (can be used to climb in through upstairs windows)
  • dowels on sliding windows/doors
  • Inventory your possessions

Contact Mary Amberg to schedule a free security assessment of your home, business or church

North Precinct Advisory Council (NPAC) meets the first Wednesday of every month. 7-8:30 p.m. The meeting is at Lakeside School, 14050 1st Ave NE, in the Kent Evans Auditorium in a building on upper school campus.


  • Seattle Parks crews will mow, pick up litter and be eyes on the park when they are there. The EBCA will sponsor twice yearly community clean ups.
  • Parks staff cannot remove people from the park if they are not doing anything illegal (note that camping during daylight hours is legal)
  • There are no plans at this time for a porta potty in the park (like Ballard Commons).
  • According to the park drawings, there are no trash cans planned. This is part of a growing trend in “pack it out” parks in Seattle.
  • For chronic intersection crossing concerns, contact Mary Amberg to schedule someone from the city to come out and monitor.
  • For noise complaints, particularly in the park, check out the SPD Noise Complaints page for details on what’s illegal and how to report.
  • Rules and Regulations for Seattle Parks – you probably knew alcohol is banned, but did you know smoking is banned is too?




Mark your calendar for 2 summer events in East Ballard

EBCA July events flyer

Join us Thursday July 12 when the EBCA and St. Alphonsus parish team up to host a crime prevention educational meeting to learn about Gemenskap park and share concerns as well as ideas to ensure the park and surrounding neighborhood remain a safe and vibrant place for our community. Representatives from the Seattle Police Department, Seattle Parks Department and Seattle Department of Neighborhoods will be on hand to answer all of your questions and provide valuable resources and educational material.

What:    East Ballard Crime Prevention Meeting
   Thursday July 12, 6:30PM-8PM
Where: St. Alphonsus Family Center (1415 NW 58th St)

Then join us on Saturday as we clean up 14th Ave NW and Gemenskap park! Food and beverages will be on hand to get you motivated! Bring your friends, bring the kids, we’ll bring the rest!

What:    EBCA Summer Clean Sweep
   Saturday July 14, 10AM-1PM
Where: Meet at Blowing Sands Glass (5805 14th Ave NW)

Panel discussion on the opiod epidemic hosted by the Ballard Community Task Force for Hunger and Homelessness

bcthh logo
The Ballard Community Task Force for Hunger and Homelessness (BCTHH) invite you to a  panel discussion Thursday April 26 from 10:30AM-12PM at Nyer Urness House, 1753 NW 56th St., East Meeting Room.
This meeting is going to be focused on the opioid epidemic and is open to the public. The panel members are an impressive group of professionals who are currently involved in our city.


    10 min.


  • Ballard Neighborcare update on health issues of clients: Doyle McCarthy                                 5 min.

  • Report from the Ballard Street: Jenn Adams, The Bridge, Paige Killinger, REACH                 10 min.


PANEL PRESENTATIONS:  Health issues and the OPIOID epidemic          45 min.

Susan Kingston, Center for Opioid Safety Education, University of Washington:  Implementation of programs to address opioid overdose and new treatment models

James Walsh, MD, Swedish Medical Center: Low-barrier buprenorphine program at the needle exchange site in the University District

Patricia Sully, staff attorney, Public Defender Association

David Sapienza, MD, treatment provider: Safe consumption sites  

Q&A:  A time for meeting attendees to ask questions of our presenters       20 min.

for more info about BCTHH  check out:
www.facebook.com/ballardhomelessness and http://bcthh.pbworks.com

BCTHH mission:  
The Ballard Community Taskforce on Homelessness and Hunger (BCTHH) works to end homelessness and hunger  in the Ballard community by providing a forum for services providers, community advocates, and governmental agencies to share information, and to capitalize on their collective resources, and coordinate efforts. We will work as advocates of change and partners of compassion toward a just and supportive community.

Reminder: EBCA March Social this Wednesday!

Whether you’re new to the East Ballard Neighborhood or been here for awhile, join us for an evening of community & conversation over bites & beverages!

EBCA March Social
Wednesday March 21 7:30PM-9:00PM
Blowing Sands Glass
5805 14th Ave NW

We’ve accomplished a lot of great projects in East Ballard over the past 10 years and are looking forward to what we can accomplish together in the next 10 years!



You’re Invited!


Whether you’re new to the East Ballard Neighborhood or been here for awhile, join us for an evening of community & conversation over bites & beverages!

EBCA March Social
March 21 7:30PM-9:00PM
Blowing Sands Glass
5805 14th Ave NW

We’ve accomplished a lot of great projects in East Ballard over the past 10 years and are looking forward to what we can accomplish together in the next 10 years!

Feb 2 deadline to submit your great idea to improve Seattle streets and parks


Would you like a safer crossing at 11th Ave NW and Market St? When the EBCA has asked for safe crossing improvements at this intersection in the past, the best we could do is get curb extensions installed which slightly reduce the length of intersection to cross and causes vehicles to park further away from the intersection for a better line of sight. There’s still lots of room for improvement! This year, one neighbor, Sue Bell, has taken a grass roots approach and has been spreading the word via social media to encourage neighbors to take action to improve the crossing at this intersection.  This is a key intersection connection for East Ballard providing access to the #44 bus, Gilman Park, breweries and places to eat, grocery stores and the Burke Gilman trail. Sue would really like a flashing beacon and crosswalk like the one shown here.  Sue is encouraging neighbors to apply individually through the Your Voice Your Choice program. Deadline is Feb 2.  If you have more great ideas, we encourage you to submit (there’s no limit to how many ideas you submit). It’s a super easy form and an opportunity to make a difference in your neighborhood!

submit your idea today: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YVYCIdeaCollection2018

Seattle Parks and Recreation will begin construction of Gemenskap Park Jan 8

It’s official! Seattle Parks and Recreation announced today that construction on Gemenskap Park will start Jan 8. New markings on 14th Ave NW between NW 59th and 60th by the contractor, Jansen, confirm the announcement.

According to Seattle Parks, construction will require a three month detour route on 14th Ave. NW between 58th and 60th streets. They anticipate completion of the park in late spring 2018.

This park is the culmination of over 12 years of community involvement and persistence. Thank-you to the many, many neighbors in the East Ballard Community who have supported this project. And if you’re new to the neighborhood and are wondering what this new park is all about, here’s an overview:

What’s the park going to look like?
Gemenskap Park
is going to be a 2 block linear park that runs along the east side of 14th Ave NW from NW 59th St to NW 61st St. The current sidewalks on the east side (for these 2 blocks) will be replaced with brand new 12′ wide concrete sidewalks that will be wide enough for walking and wheeled activities. The park will include rain gardens that will not only filter stormwater before entering Salmon Bay, but will also provide a buffer between park users and vehicle traffic. Vehicle traffic will run side by side on the west side (there will no longer be a median) between NW 59th and NW 61st.

How are cars going to be diverted at NW 59th and NW 61st going north?
Speed limit on 14th Ave NW between Market and NW 65th will drop down to 20 mph (today, it’s 30 mph). This significant drop in speed will allow for vehicle transition to be done at stop signs. There will most likely be a 4-way stop at NW 59th and another at NW 61st. If you are traveling north, you will stop at NW 59th, transition diagonally to the west alongside south bound vehicles and then stop again at NW 61st where you’ll transition back to the east side with vehicles separated by a median again. If you’re traveling south, you’ll stay in the same lane along 14th and will stop at NW 61st and NW 59th.

What about lighting?
Pedestrian scale lighting, will be provided along the 2 block park that should provide adequate lighting of the walkway without affecting neighboring homes. The existing street-scale lighting will remain as well.

June2014_drawingWhat’s going on at the NW 60th intersection?
The intersection at NW 60th will have a 4-way stop and will be raised to sidewalk level so that people driving across the intersection will encounter a bump up when approaching and a bump down when leaving. People walking or biking along the sidewalk through the intersection (north/south) will not experience an elevation change. There will also be bollards on the north and south sections of the intersection on the park side to provide a buffer from vehicles.

What about the trees?
Some existing trees will be removed and replaced with a mixture of larger and smaller trees where it makes sense. The significantly large tree near NW 59th on the east side will remain in place and accommodations will be made for its root system in the new sidewalk design.

Will there be play structures?
Not at this stage of the project. There will be a few grassy mounds to play/roll around on, plus the rain gardens will be accessible for learning and play. There will be grass space for lawn games as well. Once the park is complete and the community has played in it for a while AND there’s a strong interest for structured play equipment, this could be added at a later time.

What about an offleash dog park?
Sorry, no offleashing in this park. It’s really not big enough. You and your leashed dog, however, will be more than welcome to enjoy the park!

For additional information and to stay up to date on construction, please visit http://www.seattle.gov/parks/about-us/current-projects/14th-ave-nw-park or contact Parks project Manager, Toby Ressler at Toby.Ressler@seattle.gov.