East Ballard Greenstreets Groundbreaking

15 09 2015


Cari Simson and crew have done the official calculations, and according to the City of Seattle, The East Ballard Greenstreet swales and 9 newly planted trees will absorb and filter nearly 50,000 gallons of roadway runoff each year. This is equivalent to 1,000 bathtubs of polluted runoff captured each year.
This is no small feat for a grant-funded and community-led project developed through a $65,000 grant from The Russell Family Foundation. Once completed, the project will naturally filter runoff that currently flows unfiltered to Salmon Bay in Ballard.

Come join us at the Groundbreaking event on Monday Sept 21 from 9-10am on 11th Ave NW between NW 57th and NW 58th Streets to celebrate and learn more about green streets!




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2 10 2015
Join the cool kids for a planting party Oct 10 | EBCA

[…] her team from EarthCorps, plus neighbors Rich and Mary have been busy these past weeks since the Sept 21 groundbreaking for the East Ballard Roadside Rain Gardens. The soil has been dug up and the trenches are made. […]

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